Relaxing massage and organic wine

Relaxing massage and organic wine

“Enjoy a glass of Organic Wine during your Relaxing massage” with Relax in Spa.

or, how to get – at the same time – an unique mind, body and tasting relaxing experience ?


After a painful, busy and difficult week what about an unique moment of relaxing massage with a glass of delicate organic wine to release in deepness all your stress and awakening  subtly all your senses.

Organic wine with your relaxing massage - Relax in Spa

A reasonable wine consumption provides some relaxing properties thanks to the enzymes found in the grape skin that deactivate the cellular stress response system; meanwhile the endorphins increase and the tension decreases, causing a near-immediate relaxation effect”.

According to Dr Claudia Kawas – neurologist – from  the University of California



enjoy a glass of bio wine with your relaxing massage in Warsaw - Relax in Spa

For each of its massages, Relax in Spa, the exlusive spa salons in Warsaw offers you to savour a glass of good ORGANIC wine with your massage to exalt your wellness feeling, and sublimate your relaxing sensation.

Tasting a good wine with your massage deeply enhances your “feel good” sensation during and after your treatment.

 In relations with our BIO and quality commitments, Relax in Spa proposes you an Organic wine.



Why organic wines ?

Contrary to what most people think, wine is made of much more than just grapes. In fact, some conventional wines can contain up to 70 added ingredients — including unnatural yeasts, preservatives, food dyes, residual pesticides, added sulfites, and sometimes added sugar.

That’s why we offer wine  with “organic” (or bio) labels, you have the guarantee to have a wine : free of synthetic additives | free from GMOs | No added sulfites | Use of sustainable farming.


Organic wine with your relaxing massage

We Offer a glass of organic (bio) wine for :

massages relaxing in warsaw with a glass of bio wine

massages & rituals|  > see all our massages



enjoy a glass of bio wine with your relaxing massage in couple

massages for couples|  > see all our massages




Our ORGANIC wine selection :

GAIA organic wine :

These wines were created using only natural production methods. GAIA is, according to Greek mythology, Goddess of the Earth, fertility and motherhood, from which everything was born.

Produced Spain, 100% cepage Tempranillo, semi-dry, Rich in fruity aromas of ripe cherries and plums.

Ideal with a relaxing, hot stones massages, hot chocolate massages : see all our massages





massage in Warsaw. Glass of ORGANIC wine offered

BIOTIFUL organic : VERDEJO vino de la Tierra de Castilla

this Verdejo has a delicious nose of white fruit and white blossoms on a bed of tropical, yellow fruit.

It has a pleasant full fresh taste and has a nice combination of thick juice and fresh tones. A more than excellent glass of wine,

Ideal with a relaxing, hot stones massages, hot chocolate massages : see all our massages


[1]= Precautions Regarding Wine Consumption

“Clean” wines may have some health benefits, but of course it’s still best to drink small amounts of wine in moderation, even organic wine. Try not to exceed five to seven glasses per week, and no more than two glasses in one day. This is the best way to get the benefits of wine without counteracting them by having too much alcohol.

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