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Day Spa Warsaw

  D A Y  S P A  W A R S A W    

About us

Our spa rooms for couples from Relax in Spa

Relax in Spa provides the best SPA, BEAUTY and MASSAGE experiences in Warsaw, based on making day spa exclusive but accessible and affordable for individuals, couples or groups. We work hard to create a friendly day spa environment that is inclusive and welcoming, providing affordable luxury delivered by friendly, trained professionals.

   99.7% satisfaction rate    (1700+ opinions) 

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Relax in Spa offer massages & body rituals, facials, couples massage, nails, hairdressing and natural cosmetics. If you are visiting Warsaw in couple, we propose great range of couple massages – highly appreciated by our customers. For all the treatments we offer glass of wine.


Our welcoming and wellness commitments

You can always expect a warm welcome when visiting us. Our staff are chosen not only for their technical expertise but also for their positive attitudes and friendly characters. On your first visit to us, we’ll be delighted to give you a tour and showcase the fantastic benefits that our spas, well being, and beauty treatments can bring you.

We offer you a glass of wine with all our treatments – in order to enhance your wellness experience

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Our location

We are ideally located in the center of Warsaw, very closed from the central rail station, and the biggest, newest mall center “ZLOTE TARASY”. Most of the hotels are surrounding us, and you will be at only 10 mn by walking from the old town.



  Our winter offers :                                        


Strawberry ritual 

Zaproszenie BONY DLA SPA

 > sugar strawberry scrub + relaxing body massage

Treatment inspired by the St.Valentine’s day, based on the sweet, strawberry fragrance. Right before every treatment we prepare our handmade scrub on a basis of cane sugar and strawberry oil. Relaxing massage will introduces your body and senses into a wonderful state of relief.

260zł.  |100 min

Day Spa Warsaw




Mulled wine 

 > sugar wine scrub + relaxing body massage

Treatment inspired by the winter fragrances, mulled wine and sugar spices. Right before every treatment we prepare our handmade scrub on a basis of cane sugar and mulled wine fragrance. Relaxing massage will introduces your body and senses into a wonderful state of relief.

260zł.  |100 min

Day Spa Warsaw


Chocolate and chilli

 > sugar scrub with chocolate and chilli + hot chocolate body massage,

Treatment inspired by a fragrance of hot, aromatic natural chocolate and spicy chilli. Handmade scrub with sugar, chocolate and chilli gently peels and brightens your skin. Deeply relaxing massage with aromatic, hot natural chocolate makes your skin velvety smooth, nourished and moisturized.

 260zl.  |100 min

Day Spa Warsaw







   Our massages :                                                                                   


Relaxing massage

zaproszenieExtremely relaxing massage of the face, neck and neckline or full body, which stimulates your skin to intensive regeneration and renewal. The treatment relaxes muscles, ensures the correct flow of energy, soothing and calming, removes the symptoms of stress.  Effects: improvement elasticity of the skin and muscles, regeneration, wrinkles reduction, remove dead skin cells.

Full body massage: 160zł.  60min   | 230zł.  90min  

Face, neck and neckline:  100zł.  40min.

Head massage: 110zł.  40min.

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Classical massage

Classical massage is performed by slow anti-stress and calming touch. Lets get rid of tension throughout the body. Classical massage can be combined with peeling and body wrap. 
Classic massage: 170zl. 60min  | 240zl. 90min

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Sport massage
Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity.
Sport massage: 190zl. 60min  | 280zl.  90 min
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Foot massage & Thai foot massage
Foot reflexology is a form of strong, gentle massage acting on reflex areas of both feet. Sam McCain aims to reduce the level of tension in the physical body, calming the mind and easing emotions, and to rebuild ties with the conscious soul. Massaged the foot space reflect a reduced scale all around and organs of the body, and in particular glands. Reflexology is a technique for relaxation diffusing tension, relieving the body and consequently removing lesions. Stimulating thousands of nerve endings, and as a result, improves the work of the nervous system. More than a massage accelerates the blood circulation, thus improving nutrition and regeneration of cells. 

Foot relaxing massage: 100zl. |40min

Thai foot massage: 120zl | 45min

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Therapeutic massage


Therapeutic massage is based on classic massage techniques. Effects: tension and muscle pain relief, general relaxation. This type of massage increases blood flow, which accelerates the healing process. 
Therapeutic massage: 100zl. 30min | 190zl. 60min | 280zl90min
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Chinese bubble massage  
Chinese bubble massage has a firming effect – slimming, stimulates the lympha flow and accelerates the metabolic processes, which generates faster removal of toxins from the body. The treatment is especially recommended for the persons with cellulite tissue problem. This is one of the most effective treatments anti-cellulite. It is recommended that a series of 5 – 10 treatments to maximize effect (2 times/week), with the combination of slimming devices (Megason or Magic Polar). Massage can be part of the Individual Slimming Therapy, which on request, we can prepared for you. 
Chinese bubble massage: 110zl. 45min  | 170zl.  60min
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Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a special therapy to push the lymph circulation. It improves blood circulation, helps to drain the water from the tissues.  Lymphatic drainage is one of the most effective and most popular ways to reduce cellulite. It is completely painless and relaxing. It is recommended that 10 to 20 treatments. Massage one part of the body takes about 15-20 minutes.
Lymphatic drainage: 190zl.  60min  | 280zl  90min
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Hot stones massage

stone massages for you or for couples

Positive energy, decreasing muscles tension and deep relaxation – there are results of hot stones massage. It is a combination of the ceremonies and traditions of American Indians with therapy from the East.  
Hot stones massage:  190zl.  60min  |   260zł.  90min

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Hot candle massage
Warming massage during the cold day, is perfect for a gift! During the massage the full skin becomes soft, silky smooth and wrapped in a pleasant aroma. Candle massage brings relief for dry skin with lack of vitality, provides deep relaxation. 
Hot candle massage:  190zl.  60min  |  260zł.  90min
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Hot chocolate massage

Deeply relaxing massage, perfect a a gift for special moments! By using only natural ingredients we intensively nourish, smooth and regenerate your skin. The combination of melted dark chocolate with an edible coconut oil will seduce all your senses and nicely relax the body. 
Hot chocolate massage:  190zl.  | 60min
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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage offers stress relief, eases pain, makes movement easier, can lower heart rate and blood pressure.
Deep tissue massage:  200zl.  60min  | 290zł.  90min

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Lomi Lomi massage 

This is a full body massage, delicate ans performed slowly. Provides deep relaxation of the tendons and muscles, increases mobility and flexibility. Massage perfectly relaxes, calms and soothes nerves, improves the circulation of lymph and blood, and provides stress relief. It is performed with the hands and forearms.
 Lomi Lomi massage:  400zl.  | 120min
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