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Rituals and body ceremonies, caring, relaxing and nourishing, provide an unforgettable experience, because they restore harmony, balance and well-being. Based on unique recipes and eco-ingredients, they provide excellent results.

Rituals combine excellent care with scrub, butter and rich in creams, yogurt and mousses.

The body ritual is a great gift idea. We perform all rituals while maintaining a climatic light and sound setting so that each treatment remains an extraordinary experience.


Peeling massage: salt acrub | sugar |black soap

Scrub, deeply exfoliating, with elements of massage, removing dead skin cells, firming and smoothing the skin. Revitalizes and brightens the skin, preparing it for further treatments. In the treatment, we use skin exfoliating products based on cane sugar, Dead Sea salt, grated almonds or coffee, then rinse the scrub in the shower, then apply the appropriate body yogurt or lotion. Black soap peeling – “savon noir”, is famous for its amazing cleansing properties, removes toxins and impurities from the depths of the skin, dissolves dead skin, oxygenates and moisturizes, very rich in vitamin E contained in olive oil. Is an unique soap in the fight against cellulite. Suitable for all skin types.

We recommend performing the procedure 2-4 times a month. Please select the type of peeling when booking – we make original peels at your request.

150 zł. |60 min

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Ritual seasonal – seasonal ritualCoffee and coconut

peeling + relaxing massage

Aromatic regenerating and intensive moisturizing body treatment. The intensive scent of real coffee and coconut oil stimulates the senses  and works extremely firming and relaxing. An excellent treatment proposal for dehydrated skin that needs immediate hydration and reconstruction.

The treatment consists of two stages. The first begins with a whole body peeling using a strawberry, sugar regenerating body peeling. Stage two is a relaxing whole body massage.

260 zł. |100 min.

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Ritual seasonal – Citrus lemongrass & orange

peeling + massage

The intensely refreshing scent of lemongrass, awakening the senses, combined with sweet orange is a foretaste of warm spring days. Citrus sugar peeling effectively exfoliates dead and rough skin. Therefore relaxing full body massage will deeply soothe us. The treatment consists of two stages:

1. Body peeling with the use of a sugar regenerating peeling prepared manually by us before the procedure, based on orange oil and lemongrass oil.

2. Second step full body relaxation massage.

260 zł. |100 min. / version for two : 480 zł. | 120 min.

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Luxurious rituals – ceremonies

Ceremony „Chocolate Delight”

peeling + relaxing massage + shea butter massage

This ritual is a real feast for body and spirit! Chocolate contains natural antioxidants, polyphenols and tannins. It is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium as well as caffeine – substances that stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling and accelerate fat burning. Cacao stimulates the production of happiness hormones – endorphins, improves mood and prevents skin aging because it contains flavonoids that neutralize free radicals. The skin after the treatment is velvety smooth, nourished and moisturized. Chocolate has a beautifying effect, and its activity as an aphrodisiac and medicinal agent was known in the Mayan and Aztec culture. We offer a cup of chocolate on request.

Ceremony steps : chocolate body scrub with a wrap, hot chocolate body massage, face, neck and cleavage massage, hand and foot massage with chocolate mousse.

380 zł. | 140min

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Ceremony “Citrus refreshment”

peeling + massage relaxing + massage with butter shea

Citrus refreshment ceremony, massage and peelingAction and effects: ritual recommended for tired, overworked, weakened people. The result is a sharp increase in energy and rejuvenated skin. Natural, hand-mixed products used for the treatment contain the following ingredients: extract of grapefruit, orange, lemongrass. Original sugar peeling and aromatic grapefruit oil and citrus shea butter will ensure maximum sensation during the treatment.

Ceremony first steps : full body peeling with a wrap, followed by a relaxing full body massage with a beautifully fragrant oil. The next step is a face, neck and cleavage massage, followed by an aromatic hand and foot massage with shea butter. 

380 zł. |140min

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Ceremony „The garden of pleasure”

peeling + massage relaxing + massage with butter shea

Action and effects: a ritual recommended for people who want to relax and smooth their senses, also as a treatment for two. This ritual is one of the most romantic experiences. The effect is: smoothing, lightening the skin, deep relaxation, soothing the senses. Natural, hand-mixed products used for the treatment contain the following ingredients: rose petals extract.

ceremony steps : rose, whole body sugar peeling with wrapping, body oil with rose oil, face, neck and cleavage massage, hand and foot massage with rose shea butter.

380 zł. |140min

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Ceremony “Golden touch”

peeling + massage relaxing + massage with butter shea


During peeling, tempting and shimmering golden particles gently exfoliate the body. A mixture of the highest quality active ingredients ensures a young and healthy look. Rich in magnolia, gold, jojoba oil and grape seed extracts. Relaxing massage bring to the body and senses a wonderful state of relief.

Ceremony steps : sugar, golden body peeling with magnolia scent with a wrap, body massage with magnolia oil with a golden glow, face, neck and cleavage massage, hand and foot massage with magnolia shea butter.

380 zł. |140min.

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