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Promocje Hot candle massage

Perfectly warming massage for cold days, perfect for a gift – also for yourself! During the massage, the skin of the whole body becomes elastic, soft to the touch, silky smooth and wrapped in a pleasant aroma. It is much more moisturized, nourished, supplied with blood and radiant. A candle massage brings relief to dry skin deprived of vitality. provides deep relaxation and calming down by eliminating tension in the body. It helps in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite. Made by hand with a soy wax candle.

60min | 190zł./150zł. 

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Promocje Citrus ritual: mango & passion fruit

rytuał "Mango & marakuja"peeling + massage

The intensely refreshing scent of mango and passion fruit that awakens the senses is the essence of hot summer. Citrus sugar scrub based on mango effectively exfoliates dead and rough skin, and a relaxing massage of the whole body will deeply soothe us. The treatment consists of two stages:
1. The first begins with a full body peeling with the use of a sugar regenerating sugar peeling prepared by us before the treatment, based on mango and passion fruit oil.
2. The second stage is a relaxing massage of the whole body with hot coconut oil and mango oil.

260 zł.| 100 min.    /  Version for couple:  PROMOTION ! 440 zł | 110 min.

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Promocje “Cedar & White Musk” ritual – male relaxation

"Cedar & White Musk" ritualpeeling  +  masaż

The “Cedar & White Musk” ritual is an excellent proposition for men, a multi-directional skin-warming and tightening treatment. White musk has relaxing and aromatic properties known for ages, it energizes the body and the soul. It is perfect as an aphrodisiac. On the other hand, cedar, a component of many perfume compositions, has an antidepressant, antiseptic and tonic effect, and soothes infections of the upper respiratory tract. It has a balsamic scent of wood and resin. The treatment consists of two stages:
1. It begins with an aromatic, energizing cedar-musky – sugar body scrub based on natural oils, prepared by hand just before the treatment.
2. After exfoliation, it’s time to regenerate. It will be ensured by a stronger classic massage of the whole body with warm coconut oil. Classic massage is characterized by medium pressure. It consists of many holds, movements and preparations (stroking, rubbing, kneading, shaking), the purpose of which is not only treatment, but also prevention of many diseases.

280 zł 100min. 

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Promocje “Ruby” package

Promocje - pakiet rubinowy

+ Aromatic body peeling
+ Hot stone massage 1 hour
+ Face treatment matched to the type of skin


 500zł. | 450zł. 3,5 hours.

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Version for couples  1000zł. | 900zł. 3,5 hours

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Promocje Regeneration MicroZone by Dermalogica trio 150zł | 40 min.

MicroZone® Dermalogica treatments in combination with one of the most popular treatments – cavitation peeling, deal with most of the troublesome skin problems at lightning speed! Targeted and extremely effective, 40-minute treatments quickly and effectively eliminate specific skin problems.
We invite you to three treatment versions
ActiveClearing – a treatment completed with a special triple-acting mask that combines a mask and peeling to actively cleanse, brighten and soothe the skin
Multivitamin – banquet treatment, vitamin bomb for our skin, aimed at eliminating fine lines and wrinkles
Ultracalming – a multifunctional line of cosmetics based on colloidal oatmeal. A treatment for sensitive, irritated and dry skin.

150zł | 40 min.

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