Apple & cynamon ritual FOR TWO | 110 min


Apple & cynamon ritual FOR TWO | 110 min


full body peeling + relaxing massage


Voucher for Ritual: apple & cynamon | 110 min.

full body peeling + relaxing massage

Full relaxation in a cover of spicy smell, with a glass of red wine.

The intense aroma of ripe apples combined with warming cinnamon. .. . Sugar peeling based on apple oil with cinnamon gently removes rough skin after summer, and a relaxing massage of the whole body will put you in deep relief. We recommend the version for Two, with a glass of wine.

The ritual consists of two stages:

1. It starts with an aromatic, warming mango and sugarpeeling of the entire body based on natural oils, prepared manually by us just before the treatment.

2. After exfoliation, it’s time to regenerate. He will provide relaxing body massage with warm coconut oil.

Invitation pack: packed in a colorful envelope and decorative, elegant box. The invitation is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

gift voucher for treatments, massages and rituals, Spa,You don’t have a gift idea?

The Relax in Spa voucher is a perfect gift for any occasion, both for women and men.
If you want a loved one to effectively relax, release and renew your vitality – invite her/him to the Relax in Spa beauty salon for a wonderful journey into the world of rich sensual sensations that guarantee harmony of body and soul. Birthdays, name days, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or Christmas are opportunities to give a loved one.

We offer unique invitations VOUCHERS in the form of “Touch of Beauty” gift vouchers for specific treatments:
  • for treatment to be chosen – the voucher can be used for any treatment selected in the limit of its indicated value
  • for a specific treatment from our offer or a series of treatments;
  • we can notice only a general description on the voucher, and the actual selected treatment will be a pleasant surprise
  • standard voucher validity: 3 months from the date of purchase;
  • the invitation can be sent by post (delivery costs added) or by e-mail (no costs).
  • Regulations for using the “Touch of Beauty” vouchers

    1. Every voucher is valid 3 months from the date of purchase and must be completed within that time.
    2. Invitations are personal, but on request, after confirmation, we can change the beneficiary of the voucher.
    3. Voucher value can be redeemed for any services from the salon offer, including promotional offers, within the amount indicated.
    4. Vouchers for specific treatments can be exchanged for other treatments, provided their value is the same as the value of the purchased voucher.
    5. If the value of the selected treatment exceeds the value of the purchased voucher, the additional amount can be paid in cash or by card after the treatment.
    6. If the value of the chosen treatment is lower than the value of the purchased invitation, we do not refund the difference, we do not offer cosmetic products, but the difference in the amount can be used for the next treatment.
    7. To fulfill the invitation, make an appointment by phone, via or by booking on-line, giving the invitation number.
    8. The day before, we remind you of an appointment via SMS, and if you change your plans, we remind you to cancel your visit.
    9. If the visit is not canceled in any form in less than 24 hours from the booked visit, we will deduct 50% of the invitation value. If the visit is not canceled twice, the invitation expires. Does not apply to cases of so-called force majeure.
    10. Before the treatment, please book at the reception.

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