Hair dressing – offersHair dressing LOVEKEVINMURPHY in Relax in Spawe offer a full range of services from modeling to women’s, men’s and children’s haircuts; occasional hairstyles and various colors.

Hairdressing – in a unique atmosphere we will help in correcting or completely changing the image, regenerate vitality and improve the mood.

Hairdressing – we are distinguished by an individual approach to the client:

  • We listen to the client’s needs before starting each hair treatment.

  • We suggest changing the hairstyle, the scope of which is ALWAYS agreed with the client.

  • Our products are ECOLOGICAL and selected according to the needs of your hairs !

    hair dressing in Relax in Spa - Kevin Murphy

  • We recommend therapeutic treatments and cosmetics for home care.

Hairdressing Kevin Murphy – we work using products of the renowned Australian brand Kevin Murphy, created by one of the most renowned stylists in the world, Kevin Murphy (creator of “beach hair”).

The prices of services depend on the length of the hair: short hair | medium long | very long.


Stylization: 60zł.| 70zł. | 80zł. | 100zł.

Styling the occasional hairstyle: 150zł.-250zł.

Headlines: 170zł. | 190zł

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Hairdressing and services from modeling to women's and men's haircuts,


Women: 80zł | 100zł | 130zł.

Men: 60zł.

Children up to 10 years old: boys 40zł | girls 50zł

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Uniform coloring

Color with modeling: 240 zł | 260 zł | 280zł

Color + haircut + modeling: 260 zł | 280 zł | 310zł




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Multidimensional coloring – ombre, sombre, flamboyage, hair clipping

Color + modeling:260zł | 300zł | 350zł

Color + haircut + modeling: 280zł | 340zł | 390zł

Discoloration: 140zł | 200zł Additional color: 50zł

Men’s coloring: 80zł


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This is a breakthrough in the field of hairdressing, gives unlimited possibilities of creating color, rebuilds even the most damaged hair, works great in everyday care.

OLAPLEX care for coloring: 110 zł. |

OLAPLEX care – independent hair treatment:150 zł. | 170 zł. | 200 zł. – depending on the length of the hair.

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SPA for hairsThermal care for thin and falling hair “Plumping”

Hair thickening treatment for people who struggle with the problem of thin, thinning and falling out hair. Thanks to the carefully selected combinationnatural ingredients, which are: apigenin (flavonoids found in parsley), oleanic acid and biotinol technology has been created that accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss by improving and stimulating scalp micro circulation. During the treatment we use an infrared straightener, closing the cuticle.

Thermal care“Plumping” for hair loss: 100zł.

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Thermal care for “” dry hair is an extremely moisturizing and smoothing treatment. It is designed for very damaged, naturally dry or very dry hair. Moisturizes dry hair and makes split ends almost invisible. The product used for the treatment is filled with antioxidants that give hair shine and prevent moisture loss. The latest technology allows the use of the same ingredients that are used for high-class anti-wrinkle and skin smoothing cosmetics. It turned out that they give the hair shine and smooth their surface, covering the damage. During the procedure we use an infrared straightener, closing the cuticle.

“Hydrate me” thermal care for dry hair: 100zł.

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Ultrasonic care


A regenerative treatment using an ultrasonic straightener and a hair regenerating ampoule closing the cuticle

Price: 100zł.

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