Zen YU Corporate wellness, the chair massage at the workplace

Corporate wellness

Massages at office: “my zen break at job”

Relax in Spa has developed for companies a new offer to support their Corrporate wellness under the trademark „ZEN & YU”, consisting in dedicating an experienced and certified therapist team to perform on work place relaxing massages.

Office massages are massages on special chairs, performed in the workplace, ensuring well-being and relaxation for employees.

If you wish to create a “one-off”, relaxing event or a regular relaxing breaks, ZEN & YU has the right offer, which will certainly be appreciated by your team. We will create a safe, stress-eliminating relaxation zone, focussing on positive energy and provide experiences “creating a difference” for your employees, and you as Employers will strengthen your employer wellness branding.





– reduces headache and migraine

– improves mood and gives energy for further work

– reduces the stress

“Researches have shown that the benefits of corporate massages are almost immediate. The brain begins to charge in just a few minutes and with the right touch, tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away. Is there a better way to tell your employees that you care about their mental health?


Actions |

Massages focus on the neck, back and shoulders. Each session takes place in clothes, without massage oil, so employees can return to work almost immediately.

Each massage lasts approx. 15 minutes, which gives 4 people massaged by one therapist per hour.

A space of at least 2 m2 (1 x 1 m) is designated by the company.

There is no need to make an appointment, but you can decide to schedule massages to optimize the organization of work and ensure that the maximum staff receive them.

Therapists can also move between workplaces, offering basic neck and shoulder massage, if a break in work is not possible for every employee. We are ready to adapt to any unique situation we find. Chairs massage chairs and / or tables are available on request.



Conditions |

  • Monthly VAT invoice issuance

  • In order to get a quote, you should estimate the frequency (number of days per month) and the number of massages that you want to offer.

  • Price assumptions and conditions

    • 1 day = 6 hours of massage (for one masseur)

    • 1 masseur / physiotherapist = 27 massages per day (average 4 massages per hour)

    • Average time of massage on one chair: 15 min

number of therapists

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days


460 zł

21 massages

892 zł

42 massages

1311 zł

63 massages

1656 zł

84 massages


920 zł

42 massages

1785 zł

84 massages

2622 zł

126 massages

3312 zł

168 massages


1380 zl

63 massages

2677 zl

126 massages

3933 zl

189 massages

4968 zl

252 massages


1840 zl

84 massages

3570 zl

168 massages

5244 zl

252 massages

6624 zl

336 massages


Relaxing events

If you wish to organize a special RELAXING EVENT, we will prepare a personalized offer on request. We also offer relaxing massages on the tables in specially separated areas, which can be an attractive alternative to traditional organization, e.g. a sales seminar.


Vouchers for Massages

We offer a kind of reward for the most engaged employees or the best clients in the form of vouchers for SPA treatements to relax and renew vitality in the SPA room of Relax in Spa.

in case of order above 1000 zł netto, please contact us to receive a discount on the offer:

1000zł – 2000zł : 10% discount

2001zł – 4000zł : 15% discount

4001zł and more: 20% discount


More informations?| Contact us

email | salon@relaxinspa.pl

phone. | 600 535 222

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