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Within “company spa” we offer integration events, organized by us for your employees or contractors. Also a wide range of invitations for treatments and preparation of author’s treatments.

Integration events

Integration meetings for groups of 4-12 people. We offer intimate meetings, enhanced with exceptional treatments from our offer and with catering. We offer packages that are a combination of treatments from our offer, prepared especially for you, completely personalized. Packages can be in line with the company’s philosophy. Examples of author’s treatment on our BLOG


We offer drinks within the price of treatments (coffee, tea, juice, water). We also order for you healthy dishes from restaurants tested by us (Italian, Japanese, Thai cuisine) or sweet and salty snacks.


The entire salon is at your disposal in an intimate atmosphere in the candlelight, with above-standard service of our staff.

Credibilityevent spa corporate

They’ve trusted us – pracuj.pl, Millenium Leasing Sp. z o.o., BZ WBK, Moore Stephens Sp. z o.o., Raiffeisen Leasing Polska S.A., Cushman & Wakefield Polska Sp. z o.o., Grupa Lux Med, Hays Poland, Bell Sp. z o.o., etc, we have been on the market for over 8 years.


Individual scenario of the integration part, e.g. in line with the company’s strategy,

Corporate Day Spa, finalization of the contract, appreciation of the Key Customer, and maybe thanks to exceptional employees, e.g. choice Employee of the Month?


Corporate spa – Gift vouchers for its employees and customers

gift voucher for treatments, massages and rituals, Spa,

And if you are looking for an original gift for your customers or employees, maybe elegant, personalized invitations to Relax in SPA, which are a way of expressing gratitude for the beneficial cooperation that each recipient will receive as a heartfelt gesture of thanks.

You can implement an innovative approach to business that is a practice of image-conscious companies with us. They perfectly fit into the current“Corporate wellness – work with passion, live in harmony.”

Christmas offer:

from min. 3 vouchers or persons:

– Relaxing massage 60min. 150zł

– Massage full body + massage t/s/d – 75min. 190zł.

– Massage full body (45min) + massage t/s/d with mask – 80min, 230zł.

Preparing the offer for values above 1000 zł, we can offer you a discount or a bonus in the form of increased invitations.
For offers, please contact the salonmob number 600 535 222, or salon@relaxinspa.pl

you can also order vouchers online| > click here

Why SPA vouchers?

company day spa

because they are perfect for promotions, anniversaries, holidays, weddings or goodbyes with the company, valued as prizes in sales competitions.

Vouchers are appreciated as an element of supporting the employees. It can be covered from the social fund, for instance – therapeutic massages for employees.

A great alternative to traditional gifts in the form of pens, watches, notebooks, pendrives, etc.

We offer invitations for a specific treatment or valuable invitations, specifying the amount for any use. The value of the voucher can be any, and depending on the arrangements can be visible or invisible to the Beneficiary. We can fill out invitations with the personal data provided by you or we can pass them on in blank to be completed by you.

Relax in Spa offers the best quality services and cosmetics at reasonable prices.
We use modern equipment for wellness and face and body care, and our experts are cosmetologists and physiotherapists who are graduates of renowned specialist universities.

Preparing the offer for values above 1000 zł, we can offer you a discount or a bonus in the form of increased invitations.

For offers, please contact the salon

|>mob nr 600 535 222

|> salon@relaxinspa.pl

you can also order vouchers online| > click here


Christmas Party

December is a time of traditional meetings with employees. We can combine care for the comfort and well-being of your employees with the culinary aspect. Good atmosphere, specially prepared Spa rituals, excellent food from nearby restaurants and/or a glass of wine… . That is why such event is so appreciated by employees.



Author’s treatments

We prepare original treatments that are part of your company’s philosophy. On our BLOG we present examples of treatments tailored to the needs of companies.


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Events for companies
Invitations to the Spa for employees
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