Treatments for oily and combination skin

Cleansing facial treatment “Medibac” Dermalogica 

Cleansing facial treatment “Mediback” by Dermalogica is recommended for oily and acne skin, because it contains a composition of substances with cleansing, bactericidal, soothing and regenerating properties. The treatment effectively removes acne and prevents early skin aging. We propose you following main steps: make-up removal / peeling / face / neck / cleavage / manual cleansing / cleansing apparaturement – depending on the needs of the skin (microdermabrasion or cavitation), mask / cream.

60min |250zł.

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Cleansing: deep, mechanical, painless exfoliation of callous epidermis. The exfoliation effect is obtained by abrasive action of heads covered with a layer of diamond and a pump sucking in dead, calloused epidermis. Effects: improvement of skin quality, elimination of skin problems (fine wrinkles, impurities, milks, blackheads). Reduction of enlarged pores, smoothing the skin. Stages: make-up removal / microdermabrasion / mask / cream.

Facial treatment: 60min | 200zł.

Back treatment: 100min | 250zł.

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Manual cleansing – deep cleansing

manual cleansing

Action: deep cleansing of the skin after its loosening with the use of vapozon and a mask. Stages: make-up removal / loosening / manual cleansing / soothing mask / cream.

Facial treatment: 90min | 200 zł.

Back treatment:100min | 250zł.

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