Basic treatments – Manicure & pedicure

Manicure, pedicure, eyebrow and eyelash henna is the basis for the weekly care of each of us. Hands are one of the most visible attributes of our body, and their healthy and well-groomed appearance is a showcase of every elegant woman and man. Proper and systematic hand care is the secret of their beauty and good condition. We offer a manicure and pedicure in the Spa version, with peeling, mask and massage, because with us every treatment has the form of a ritual.MANICURE PEDICURE
Manicure SPA – scrub / massage / manicure / cream 80zł.
Manicure SPA hybrid peeling / massage / manicure / cream 130zł.
Pedicure SPA – scrub / massage / pedicure / cream130zł.
Pedicure Spa hybrydowy – 160zł.
Manicure & pedicure Classic spa – 200zł.
Manicure & hybrid pedicure – 280zł.


Manicure Spa for men (scrub / massage / manicure / cream) –60zł.
Pedicure SPA for men – scrub / massage / manicure / cream – 100zł.
Manicure & pedicure for men150zł.
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Basic treatments – Lycon waxing

Hair removal – system hair removal Lycon it’s perfect smoothness, exclusivity and relaxing effect on the senses.
Nose: 20zł. | Mustache, beard, eyebrows or sideburns: 30zł. | Calves or thighs: 80zł. | Whole legs: 150zł. | Torso: 80zł. | Back: 100zł. | Hands 90zł. | Forearms or armpits: 60zł. | Classic bikini: 80zł. | Brazilian or Hollywood bikini: 140zł. | Classic Legs & Bikini Package: 210zł. | Brazilian or Hollywood whole legs & bikini package: 270zł.
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Basic treatments – Henna

eyebrow regulation
Manual eyebrow adjustment: 20zł.
Lycon wax regulation: 30zł.
Lycon wax regulation: 30zł.
Henna eyebrows with regulation: 30zł.
Henna set (eyebrows / eyelashes / adjustment): 50zł.



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Manicure, pedicure, henna


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