Anti-aging treatments

Dermalogica “Age smart” rejuvenating treatment

Action: the procedure is proposed to the persons over 35 years old. This therapy, based on a system of innovative anti-aging products, has been created on the basis of advanced dermatological researches. That it why it visibly illuminates, softens and nourishes the face, giving an immediate effect of bright skin.

Face/neck treatment/neckline -make-up/scrub/face massage/neck/neck/mask/cream.

Regular version: 90min. | 260PLN.

De lux version:120min.| 360PLN.


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Natural collagen reconstruction (Radio Waves) – facelift without scalpel

Action: Radio waves are the latest technology to provide optimal RF energy for skin and subcutaneous layers. Anti-aging effect achieved through deep heatingradio waves, COSMETOLOGY FACEmetabolism of the cells responsible for collagen production. In addition, the head emitting radio waves heats collagen contained in the skin, causing it to shrink and thus rejuvenate the structure (rejuvenation). In the following months after the procedure, the skin naturally starts the repair process through constant collagen production.
Effects: visible rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck, the skin becomes more firm, visibly smoothed.
Stages: make-up remover, radioattendance, end cream.

Face/Neck/Neck Treatment: 75min. | 220PLN.


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Sublime Skin [comfort zone]

This is a new anti-aging approach whose main task is active face lifting based on ARCHI-LIFT technology, stimulating three layers of skin: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. It is a complete corrective system for signs of skin aging: I activate cellular renewal, has a stimulating effect on the structure of proteins, fills wrinkles, thereby mimicking fillers with hyaluronic acid. Luxurious rejuvenation and restructurer treatment of the face skin., which extremely effectively counteracts the damage caused by solar radiation, contamination of the environment and biological aging of the skin.

Face/neck treatment/neck double peel: 60min. | 270PLN.

Face/neck treatment/de luxe lift neckline: 90min. | 370PLN.

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Microneedle mesotherapy – derma roller

Microneedle mesotherapy is an anti-aging procedure involving the arousal and regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers with mechanical stimulation of the roller derma. During the procedure, micropunctures are performed, which play significant roles in the regeneration of the epidermis. In addition, during the procedure, they are introduced into deeper layers of the epidermis specially composed cocktails, thanks to which the skin gains firmness, facial wrinkles undergo considerable reduction, and the contour of the face improves.
Stages of procedure: make-up remover/anesthesia/micro puncture/introduction of ampoules/face massage/neck/neck/mask application/applying the cream at the end of the procedure.

Face treatment: 90min. | 250PLN.

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Needle mesotherapyelasticizzare-rassodare - COSMETOLOGY FACE

Needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical anti-aging method that restores the skin’s perfect color and radiance.
The procedure involves direct injection into the skin of small doses of medicinal substances in places changed. The composition of the delivered cocktail depends on your needs. Mesotherapy is performed using a special set of microneedles and topical anesthesia is used. Mesotherapy with head is used to treat cellulite and stretch marks, as well as in firming treatments, moisturizes
rejuvenating and rejuvenating. It produces significant results in alopecia prevention.
Frequency of treatments:
Once every 2 weeks (1 series – from 3 treatments). To maintain the effects, it is recommended to perform the procedure once a month for about six months.
Effects: Depending on the preparation used, this is the only, wonderful and most effective method:
– revitalizing the skin,
– regenerating skin
– anti-wrinkle
– inhibiting hair loss and stimulating their lichen
– rejuvenating skin
– affecting protection: photo-aging of the skin
– anti-acne
– anti-cellulite and reducing stretch marks

Facial treatment: 70min. | 350PLN.

Face/Neck/Neck Treatment: 90min. | 450PLN.

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Carboxytherapy is a treatment for the introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin. At the time of injection, the gas spreads evenly under the skin, dilates blood vessels and thus improves nutrition and oxygenation of tissues. The carbon dioxide administered stimulates tissue regeneration processes, new, fine blood vessels are formed, so the skin becomes biologically younger and stronger. Infusion of CO2 leads to increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the treated area and improve microcirculation and cell renewal. The skin’s response to CO2 injections is an inflammatory reaction, which leads to stimulation of collagen production. A few months later, remodeling of the skin begins with the accompanying shrinkage of collagen fibers, which results in increased elasticity of the skin.

Treatment: 30min. | 200PLN.,60min. | 300 PLN.

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