Relax in Spa is an ecological spa, offering selective face and body care cosmetics, massages and rituals, anti-aging therapies, body shaping and slimming, manicure and pedicure as well as hairdressing, combined with a sales area of exotic natural cosmetics and accessories .

Has been created in 2011 Relax in Spa has been created from the inspiration and dreams of Beata -the owner. After more than 10 years of work in a corporation, including sales and customer service, has decided to start her own career path. Previously not being part of the cosmetics industry, apart from customer experience while traveling around the world, I have created a friendly and intimate place with a high standard of services.

We work based on selected cosmetic brands with an established position on global markets:[comfort zone], Dermalogica, Bio2You, Greenum, Najel, PH Formula and Kevin Murphy, offering natural products based on the fair trade principle.



Relax in Spa | Street: Sienna 86 | 00-815 Warszawa

open: mo-fr: 8.00-21.30 | sat: 10.00-20.00 | sun: 12.00-19.00

tel. informations and reservation: 600 535 222



[h1] online booking [/h1]online booking

The online booking system saves you a lot of time, and we offer 50 points for setting up an account in the system. Each treatment from our offer can be booked online


Our quality standards

Our customer service standards – at Relax in Spa, is to care for the highest standards of customer service.
That is why we have created a number of procedures and standards defining our behavior towards customers so that everyone feels satisfied. sesja-0016

We assure you that during each visit we will do our best to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and special, and the treatment meets all expectations.
If you have never been to our salon before, then some of the following standards guidelines will be useful.


Choice of treatments and massages

You can choose by yourself your treatment by booking ON-LINE, or after consulting us by phone (tel. +48 22 654 05 09) or by e-mail ( On request, we recommend 15 minutes. trial body treatment after consultation –for free.



During your first visit to Relax in Spa, before the treatment we will fill in the Customer Card with you, which contains the most important information about the current state of your health, possible contraindications for the selected treatment and other physical ailments, if any. An integral part of the Customer Card is a cosmetic interview, which is conducted by the therapist to learn about the needs of your skin and selection of the optimal treatment, and serves you as an extension of knowledge about the skin.
The therapist will greet you and, based on the Customer Card, conduct a short conversation during which he will answer all your questions. Może też pomóc i zaproponować najbardziej odpowiedni zabieg w ramach pierwszej wizyty (jeśli sami Państwo nie dokonali jeszcze wyboru) oraz jeśli będzie to potrzebne przybliży możliwości zastosowania dłuższej terapii.


Treatment room

The therapist will lead you to one of our several rooms, tailored to your specific selected treatment. To ensure comfort in the room you will find flip-flops and disposable underwear. A bathrobe will be provided on request. During the treatment, you can expect a smooth, relaxed, calm atmosphere. In the background there is soft music.
And because your needs are our priority …
During the treatment, the therapist explains the individual steps and actions, and while resting with the mask applied to the face or body, a hand / neck massage is performed at your request. On request, we serve drinks to the office.


End of session

After finishing the treatment, the therapist will leave the room to allow you a silent ending, we hope you will have a unique meeting. Terapeuta będzie czekał na Państwa za drzwiami i odprowadzi Państwa do recepcji.


Welcoming- goodbye

After making sure that you are satisfied with the treatment, we will offer drinks. At the client’s request, we suggest joining the Loyalty Program. We will also ask you to express your opinion. Each of your remarks or suggestions will motivate us to constantly improve the quality of customer service and develop the offer, and you will receive 150 points for it. Loyalty program We would like to host you again in Relax in Spa.

Additional recommendations: We ask you to arrive in the salon 10 minutes earlier, as this will allow you to prepare for your treatment in comfort and peace. For body treatments, it is advisable to avoid eating large meals at least an hour before.




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