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Day Spa Warsaw

  D A Y  S P A  W A R S A W    

Day Spa in Warsaw center, we are located in the heart of Warsaw and we offer massages & body rituals, facials, slimming & body firming, couples massage, nails, hairdressing and natural cosmetics. If you visit Warsaw for short vacations – we recommend you restaurants, bars and clubs TO GO!  and for all the treatments we offer You glass of wine … .
Day Spa Warsaw




Winter packages:

„Golden touch”– body scrub + relaxing full body massage, 100min, 250zł


„Chocolate delight” – chocolate body scrub + hot chocolate full body massage, 100min. 250zł


„Japanese secret” lifting face massage + full body massage, with shea butter and tsubaki oil, 90min. 250zł


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„4 seasons” – hot stones back massage + aromatherapeutic face massage + face mask, 80min., 189zł
 „Mind relax” –  aromatherapeutic back massage + face, neck & neckline + head massage 75 min., 189zł
„Deep relax”  back, face, neck and neckline plus foots massage, 90 min., 200zł.
„Complete relax” – relaxing full body massage + face massage + face mask, 100min. 290zł.

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Day Spa packages:

„Amber” – aromatherapeutic massage 1h + manicure + hair cut with styling, 3h, 270zł.
„Rubin” – aromatic body peeling + hot stones massage 1h + facial + manicure, 4,5h, 500zł.
„Saphire” – aromatic body peeling + hot candle massage 1h + manicure & pedicure spa + facial + hair cut with styling, 6h, 750zł.
„Diamond” – aromatic body peeling, hot  chocolate massage 1h + manicure & pedicure spa + facial lux + hair cut with styling,  catering to be chosen (lunch + beverages), cosmetics,  7-8h, 1000zł.

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Spa for Couples:sesja-0022

Relaxing  massage for 2 persons 60min. 280zł. 
Classic  massage for 2 persons 60min. 340zł. 
Hot stones massage for 2 persons 60min. 350zł. 
Hot candle massage for 2 persons 60min. 350zł. 
Package for friends 2 x relaxing massage 60 min. + 2x lifting massage face, neck and neckline, 90 min.,350zł.
Relaxing body ritual (peeling + aromatherapeutic massage massage) 90min., 420zł.
Citrus body ritual  (peeling, relaxing massage/body mask), 2h, 560zł.
Chocolate body ritual  (peeling, relaxing massage/body mask), 2h, 560zł.
Package Relax in Spa lux – 2 x facial, 2 x body peeling + 2 x hot stones or hot candle massage + manicure SPA, 4h, 999zł.


Following the expectations of our customers, we’ve prepared an offer of massages and body rituals, inspired by therapeutic oriental tradition. During the massage are used techniques and products, such as Najel, Bio2You, which are perfectly in compliance with idea of a sensual touch. 

rezerwacja on-line1. Relaxing massage

Extremely relaxing massage of the face, neck and neckline or full body, which stimulates your skin to intensive regeneration and renewal. The treatment relaxes muscles, ensures the correct flow of energy, soothing and calming, removes the symptoms of stress.  Effects: improvement elasticity of the skin and muscles, regeneration, wrinkles reduction, remove dead skin cells. Facial massage, neck 30 min. 70zł. Body massage 30/60min. 80/150zł. 
 rezerwacja on-line2. Foot massage & Thai foot massagesesja-0014
Foot reflexology is a form of strong, yet gentle massage acting on reflex areas of both feet. Sam McCain aims to reduce the level of tension in the physical body, calming the mind and easing emotions, and to rebuild ties with the conscious soul.Massaged the foot space reflect a reduced scale all around and organs of the body, and in particular glands.Reflexology is a technique for relaxation diffusing tension, relieving the body and consequently removing lesions. Stimulating thousands of nerve endings, and as a result, improves the work of the nervous system.More than a massage accelerates the blood circulation, thus improving nutrition and regeneration of cells. Foot relaxing massage 30 min. 80zł. Thai foot massage with scrub 75min. 119zł.

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Therapeutic massage is based on classic massage techniques. Effects: tension and muscle pain relief, general relaxation. This type of massage increases blood flow, which accelerates the healing process. Therapeutic massage of your back 30 min. 90zł. Therapeutic massage full body 60 min. 180 zł.

rezerwacja on-line4. Classic massage

Classic massage is performed by slow anti-stress and calming touch. Lets get rid of tension throughout the body. Classic massage can be combined with peeling and body wrap.Classic back massage 30 min. 90zł. Classic ful body massage  60 min. 170 zł.
rezerwacja on-line5. Sport massage
Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. Sport massage 30 min. 90zł. Sport massage full body 60 min. 180 zł.
 rezerwacja on-line6. Chinese bubble massage  
Chinese bubble massage has a firming effect – slimming, stimulates the lympha flow and accelerates the metabolic processes, which generates faster removal of toxins from the body. The treatment is especially recommended for the persons with cellulite tissue problem. This is one of the most effective treatments anti-cellulite. It is recommended that a series of 5 – 10 treatments to maximize effect (2 times/week), with the combination of slimming devices (Megason or Magic Polar). Massage can be part of the Individual Slimming Therapy, which on request, we can prepared for you. Chinese bubble massage 30 min. 90zł. Chinese bubble massage 60 min. 160 zł.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a special therapy to push the lymph circulation. It improves blood circulation, helps to drain the water from the tissues.  Lymphatic drainage is one of the most effective and most popular ways to reduce cellulite. It is completely painless and relaxing. It is recommended that 10 to 20 treatments. Massage one part of the body takes about 15-20 minutes. Lymphatic drainage 60 min. 180 zł.

8rezerwacja on-line. Hot stones massagesesja-0013

Positive energy, decreasing muscles tension and deep relaxation – there are results of hot stones massage. It is a combination of the ceremonies and traditions of American Indians with therapy from the East.  Hot stones massage 60 min. – 180 zł.
rezerwacja on-line9. Hot candle massage
Warming massage during the cold day, is perfect for a gift! During the massage the full skin becomes soft, silky smooth and wrapped in a pleasant aroma. Candle massage brings relief for dry skin with lack of vitality, provides deep relaxation. Hot candle massage 60 min. 180 zł.

rezerwacja on-line10. Hot chocolate massage

Deply relaxing massage, perfect a a gift for special moments! By using only natural ingredients we intensively nourish, smooth and regenerate your skin. The combination of melted dark chocolate with an edible coconut oil will seduce all your senses and nicely relax the body. Hot chocolate massage 60 min. 200zł.

rezerwacja on-line11. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles and the fascia. Deep tissue massage offers stress relief, eases pain, makes movement easier, can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Deep tissue massage 60 min. 200zł.


Body Rituals


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1. Body scrub/exfoliation
Peeling is an exfoliating treatment with massage elements, removes dead skin cells, firming and smoothing the skin. It revitalizes and brightens the skin, preparing for further treatments. We recommend treatment 2-4 times a month. Body scrub 45min.  100zł.
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2. Body ritual „Citrus body”

The result is a sharp increase in energy and rejuvenated skin . Natural , hand- mixed products used for treatment include the following components: an extract of orange, mango , lime, apricot, peppermint. Steps: body peeling/body relaxing massage/body mask aplicationRitual 2h 299zł.
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3. Body ritual „Garden of pleasure” sesja-0012

Action and effects : treatment recommended for people tired , worked , weakened . During the procedure we use many traditional ingredients of natural origin such as sea salt , sand and seaweed from the beaches of volcanic stone , herbs , roots , flowers and seeds of the fields. Natural , hand- mixed products further comprise : an extract of lime, basil, grapefruit and ginseng oil, avocado and sweet almond . The result is a relaxing , deep hydration, nutrition and skin regeneration. Steps: body peeling/body relaxing massage/body mask applicationRitual 2h – 299zł.
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4. Body chocolate ritual 
Chocolate relax by exfoliation & massage with hot chocolate (hot chocolate massage). The treatment begins with a body peeling, to prepare the skin for the effects of chocolate in the hands of the therapist. The treatment stimulates blood circulation in the skin, speeds up fat burning. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and the aroma raises the level of endorphin or happiness hormones. Steps: scrub/massage with hot chocolate/chocolate mask 2h 299zł. 
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5. Olives body ritual 
Action and effects : treatment recommended for people tired , worked , weakened, with dry skin. Main, fully natural ingredients are black olives extract and shea butter. To exfoliate we use well-known savon noir. Results: relaxing , deep hydration, nutrition and skin regeneration. Steps: savon noir scrub/body relaxing massage/body mask aplicationRitual 2h 299zł.
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6. „Golden touch”ritual 

Special luxorious ritual for body rejuvenation. During the procedure we use golden scrub, golden honey and gold mask, with the following exstracts: caviar, gold, hialuronic acid and grapes. Effects: relax, skin soften and shinny. Steps: golden scrub/body relaxing massage/body mask aplicationRitual 2h 299zł.

Slimming & body firming treatments


rezerwacja on-line1. Ultrasonic lypolysis

Strongly slimming treatment, with ultrasounds impacts on the fat cells destruction, without breaking the skin. Effects: cellulite reduction, body shaping, rejuvenates, regenerates and body firming. The use of low frequency ultrasounds increases 1000 – times the transportation of activeextracts through the skin. After the treatment we recommend lymphatic drainage or electro-stimulation and drinking around 2l of water to accelerate the detoxication process. There are recommended series of 5 – 10 treatments, frequency of about 1-2 times a week. Treatment, 30min. 1-2  body parts. – 120 zł. Treatment for 3 body parts 60 min. – 200 zł. blog-0051

rezerwacja on-line2. Muscles electrostimulation

During the treatment deep, electric impulses stimulate the tissue and penetrate into the skin. it’s stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, bringing reduction of fat, firming  and elasticity. We recommend the use of electrostimulation with electrosauna, which raises the body temperature and increase blood and lymph circulation. It speeds up the metabolism, oxygenation of skin cells and eliminates toxins from the body. Electrostimulation treatment 30 min. 50 zł.  Treatment 60 min. 70 zł.
rezerwacja on-line3. Electrosauna – weight loss support
Electrosauna increases metabolism, speeding up weight loss in high temperature.  Electrosauna treatment 30 min. 40 zł. 

rezerwacja on-line4. Vacuum massage „endermology”

Body Master Combo is one of the most efficient devices for reducing cellulite, slimming and firming skin. Uses the method of vacuum therapy. Recommended series of treatments (minimum 5).  Effects: reduce cellulite and fat cells, accelerate fat loss, body sculpting & firming, drainage of toxins (lymphatic drainage), muscle relaxation. Vacuum massage treatment 30 min.  120 zł.  Vacuum massage treatment 60 min.  200 zł. 
rezerwacja on-line5. Radio frequency RF body firming
The Magic Polar device stimulates the metabolism in order to eliminate the products of metabolism and increases skin elasticity by regenerating collagen fibers (you can also lift the buttocks). Radio waves are also a great tool to reduce cellulite, even at an advanced stage. RF treatment relaxes muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Recommended series of treatments (minimum 5). Effects: eliminating unnecessary centimeters, cellulite reduction, firming. RF treatment 30 min.  120 zł.  RF treatment 60 min.  200 zł. 


Facials – cleansing, hydrating, calming, rejuvenating


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1. Mediback by Dermalogica

Action and effects: helps to remove skin problems – blemishes, reduces inflammation, sebum, antibacterial effect. This treatment is recommended for skin mixed, oily and problematic with overproduction of sebum. Treatment 90min. 240zł. 
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2. Active Pureness [comfort zone]

Action and effects: helps to remove skin problems – blemishes, reduces inflammation, sebum, antibacterial effect.  Deep cleansing and calming, recommended also for sensitive skin. Face/neck/neckline treatment 90min. 260zł.
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3. Microdermabrasion – mechanic peelpeeling

Action: deep, painless peeling up to epidermis. The effect of exfoliation is achieved by the action of diamonds and pump, removing dead, rough skin. Effects: improving the quality of skin, elimination of skin problems (fine wrinkles, blackheads), reducing pores, smoothing skin, removing the local and age spots, reducing sebum, skin regeneration after acne. Steps: make-up removal, microdermabrasion, mask, cream.  Face, neck, neckline 60min. 200zł. 

rezerwacja on-line4. Peeling salicylic or mandelic by PH Formula

Action: rejuvenating and regenerating, anti-photoaging and eliminating irregular pigmentation. Care for all types of skin, included sensitive and vascular. Such peeling can be performed all the year.  Effect: reduces wrinkles, pigmentation, regulates sebum, improves skin condition.  Stages: make-up removal, peeling, soothing mask, cream. Face treatment 220zł. Face, neck and neckline 280zł.

rezerwacja on-line5. Manual face cleansing

Action and effects: manual helps to remove skin problems – blemishes. Treatment 90min. 200zł.

rezerwacja on-line6. Hydramemory [comfort zone]

Strong hydrating effect +50%. Recommended to dry up to very dry skin. Face, neck, neckline 90min. 240zł.

7rezerwacja on-line. Sublime Skin [comfort zone]

Lux treatment – rejuvenating, hydrating, rectructuring the skin. Efficiently removing wrinkles. Face, neck, neckline – double peel 60min. 250zł or de luxe lift 90min. 330zł.

rezerwacja on-line8.  Oxybrasion – oxygen peeling

Action: gentle, wet, oxygen exfoliation. The treatment gives immediate relief, oxygenates, nourishes and improves skin condition. Recommended for sensitive & vascular skin. Effects: gentle exfoliating, purifying, hydrating, refreshing & illuminating. Steps: make-up removal, oxybrasion, mask, cream.  Face, neck, neckline 60min. 200zł.

rezerwacja on-line9. Ritual Relax in Spa

Full relax, makes skin soft and bright, rejuvenating. Steps: back and neck massage, face massage, aparature treatment (i.e. cavitation or microdermabrasion), hands massage, mask, cream. Treatment combines relaxing procedure with facial.  Face, neck, neckline 120min. 250zł.spa gifts

rezerwacja on-line10. „Ultracalming” by Dermalogica

Action: cooling, softening, reinforce natural skin protection. Face, neck, neckline treatment 90min. 260zł.

rezerwacja on-line11. Redness control PH Formula peeling

Action: redness calming, includes: ph-dvc, salicylic acid, milk and mandelic acid, retinol.  SPF. Face 60min. 220zł. Face, neck, neckline 90min. 280zł. 

rezerwacja on-line12. „Age smart” Dermalogica

Rejuvenation treatment, dedicated over 35 years old, system includes innovative ingredients, brightens, smoothies, and nourishes the face, giving an immediate effect of skin tightening. Face, neck, neckline 120min. 310zł.

rezerwacja on-line13.  „Mela” PH Formula peeling for discolorated skin

Result: discoloration removal, rejuvenation, includes: ph-dvc,  salicilic acid, fitin, mandelic, azeloglicin. Face 60min. 220zł. Face, neck, necklien 90min. 280zł.

rezerwacja on-line14. Mesotherapy microneedle – dermaroller

Action: popular treatment, uses titanium roller with needles, in order to open microchannels and then the introduction of active substances (f.e. hyaluronic acid, vit. C, Vit. E, Vit. A) . Effects: immediate improvement in skin tightening, lifting effect, firming and smoothing. Recommended series of treatments (minimum 5 – 1 per 2 weeks). Stages: make-up removal, anesthesia, opening the microchannels, serum, mask, massage, cream. Face treatment 90min. 250zł. Face, neck, neckline 120min. 300zł.

rezerwacja on-line15. Mesotherapy – needlezabiegi-0190

This treatment is recommended for mature, dry & sensitive skin, with wrinkles. Strong exfoliating complex, cleanses and tones. Stages: make-up removal, enzymatic peel with rice, mechanical peeling, facial massage based on gentle rice gel, mask, cream. Facial massage pearls – exclusive relaxing face massage, performed using natural pearls, called by the ancients „tears of angels”. Face treatment 90min. 350zł. Face, neck, neckline 120min. 500zł.

Facials – express treatments

1. Anti-age express

 Rejuvenation treatment, dedicated over 35 years old. Treatment 40min. 150zł

2. Face massage with mask

Treatment 40min. 150zł

rezerwacja on-lineWaxing by Lycon

Nose 20zł. Mustache/beard/eyebrows  30zł. 1/2 legs or tights 80zł. Full legs 150zł. Torso 80zł. Back 100zł. Hands 90zł. Armpits or hands  60zł. Bikini classic/brazilian/full 80/140zł. Package full legs & bikini classic/brasilian/full  210/270zł.

Erezerwacja on-lineyebrows

Manual eyebrows shaping 20zł. Eyebrows shaping by wax 30zł. 
Eyebrows henna with manual shaping 30zł. 
Henna (eyebrows color/eyelashes color/manual eyebrows shaping) 50zł.

rezerwacja on-lineManicure & pedicure

Manicure Basic/no color 40zł. Manicure color 50zł. Manicure SPA peeling/massage/cream 80zł.
Japanese manicure 80zł. Manicure hybrid 100zł. Hybrid removal 30zł. Nails color 25zł.
Hand hydrating oxybrasion 40zł. Hand firming Radio frequency 40zł.
Pedicure classic 100zł. Pedicure SPA peeling/massage/cream 130zł.
Manicure & pedicure classic package 140zł. Manicure & pedicure hybryd package 210zł.


Short/medium/long hair.

rezerwacja on-lineHair styling

Styling 50/60/70zł. Special styling 100/140zł.

rezerwacja on-lineHaircut

Women 70/90/100/120zł. Men 60zł. Children boys/girls 40/50zł.

rezerwacja on-lineHair care – hair Spa

Plumping hair treatment by Kevin Murphy 100zł. Hydrate me hair treatment by Kevin Murphy 100zł.
OLAPLEX hair color support 110złOLAPLEX full renuval treatment 150/170/200zł.
Hydrating oxybrasion 100zł. Hair grow stimulation treatment 100zł. Ultrasonic hair care 100zł. Thermic hair care 50zł

rezerwacja on-lineColor

Color + styling 220/240/260/280zł. Color + haircut + styling 240 /260 /280/300zł.
Color + highlights + styling 240 /260 /280/300zł. Color + highlights + haircut + styling 260 /280 /300/330zł.
Baleyage 1 color + styling  240 /260 /280/300złBaleyage 1 color + haircut + styling 260/280/310/330zł.
Highlights + styling  200 /220 /240/260zł. Highlights + haircut + styling 220 /240 /260/280zł.
Flamboyage + styling 240 /260 /280/300zł. Flamboyage + haircut + styling 260 /280 /310/330zł.
Decolor 140 /170/200złExtra color 50złMen’s color with haircut 100zł.


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